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Cakes n Candy Inc.


Cakes n’ Candy Cakes are made from fresh ingredients, from their delicious

cake layers, baked fresh daily, to their own creamy delicious icings.


Each cake is made by hand. The taste and quality of each cake is so unique

that there is none comparable. These cakes are not some “box” “factory produced”

product with a lot of preservatives. Cakes n’ Candy cakes are moist, melt-in-your mouth

savor-the-flavor creations that can only be found from Cakes n’ Candy cakes.

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Consumers today are looking for products comparable to “homemade.”

Cakes n’ Candy cakes have that homemade quality in each variety of cake.

Why not serve “extraordinary” cakes instead of everyday ordinary?

Cakes n’ Candy cakes are guaranteed to bring consumers back time and time again

for the quality in every cake is unique.



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